How to See Robi Minute | Robi Minute Check Code

If you’re wondering how to see robi minute or forgot Robi Minute Check Code, then this article is for you.

Robi is one of the most popular Telecom networks in Bangladesh. Everyone knows Robi providing call services at a low rate. They provide some awesome voice minute bundles.

How to See Robi Minute?

There are two ways that you can check your Robi minute balance. You can check Robi voice minute using the USSD code and the MyRobi app.

Robi Minute Check Code

You can check Robi minutes using USSD code. If you want to check this method. At first, go to your mobile phone dial pad. Then type any one code *222*2# or *222*8# or *222*25#. Then you can see your Robi sim remaining minute balance. You can use any one of these three codes. I hope you understand.
Robi minute check code is *222*2#

Robi Minute Check by Using MyRobi App

Friends, You can also see your Robi sim minute by using MyRobi App.

  • Step 1 – Go to the google play store and install this app.
  • Step 2 – Open This App and sign in with your Robi SIM.
  • Step 3 – Now you can see your Robi minute balance.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I check Robi minute?

You can check Robi minute by dialing these USSD codes: *222*2# or *222*8# or *222*25#

How can I check my Robi bundle?

  • To check Robi minute bundle, dial: *222*2# or, *222*8# or, *222*25#
  • To check Robi internet bundle offer dial: *3#
  • To check Robi SMS bundle dial: *222*12#

How can I buy Robi minute?

Here is some Robi minute offer that you can buy so easily using activation code:

  • 67 Minutes at 43 TK for 4 Days: to buy this offer recharge 43 TK.
  • 160 Minutes at 99 TK for 7 Days: to buy this offer recharge 99 TK.
  • 190 Minutes (Any operator) at 118 TK for 10 Days: to buy this offer recharge 190 Tk.
  • 190 Minutes at 118 TK for 10 Days (Postpaid): to buy this offer recharge 190 TK.
  • 800 Minutes at 497 TK for 30 Days (Postpaid): to buy this offer recharge 497 TK.

How can I buy 1 GB at 9 TK in Robi?

Robi offered 1GB @9Tk a few years back. The activation code was *8666*090#. But in 2021 this still valid or not, I am not sure. But you can try by dialing the code.

How can I buy Robi 20 minutes?

Robi is offering 20 minutes @5Tk with 8 hours validity. To buy Robi 20 minutes just dial *8666*03070#.

How can I check my Robi offer?

There are 3 options that you can use to check your Robi offers:
1. You can use MyRobi Apps to check all your offer.
2. You can dial *8050# and follow the instructions.
3. You can send SMS to 8050 with this format: A<space>018XXXXXXXX (your Robi number)

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