Sam Elliott Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Sam Elliott is counted as one of the most influential actors in the film industry. He became famous for his unique acting senses. Today, we will discover the facts behind Sam Elliott net worth, early life, and carer.

Who is Sam Elliott?

Sam Elliott is an American actor. He earned several accolades, like a Screen Actors Guild Award and a National Board of Review Award. He also gained an Oscar award nomination two times.

Sam is known for his deep and resonant voice. He began his acting career by appearing in minor roles in various genre films.

Sam also built an extensive career on television. He gained his television fame by playing the Shea Brennan role in the American drama miniseries 1883 (2021–2022), for which he won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Actor in a Miniseries.

Short Bio of Sam Elliott

Full Name Samuel Pack Elliott
Birthdate August 9, 1944 (age 79)
Birthplace Sacramento, California, U.S.
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Net Worth $20 million

Sam Elliott Net Worth

Sam Elliott’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be 20 million U.S. dollars. Being a successful film and television star is the main reason behind this massive net worth. He appeared in a lot of films and television in his entire career. Sam also gave voice to many popular animated films.

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Early Life

Sam Elliott was born in Sacramento, California. His mother, Glynn Mamie, was a Texas state diving champion in high school, and his father, Nelson Elliott, worked as a predator-control specialist for the Department of the Interior.

Sam Elliott Net Worth

Sam started high school at David Douglas High School and completed graduation in 1962. After this, he enrolled at the University of Oregon to study English and Psychology. But in the second year, he left university.

Later, he moved to Portland and attended Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. From there, he graduated in 1965. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles and pursued an acting career.

Sources Behind Sam Elliott Net Worth

Films (1967 to 2000)

Sam made his film debut in The Way West (1967). In this film, he played the Missouri Townsman’s minor role. Later in 1969, Sam appeared in a big-budgeted film titled Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This film earned over $100 million at the box office.

In 1972, Sam got his starring role in the horror film Frogs. He played Pickett Smith’s role, and the film became very popular. It earned around $2 million at the box office.

At the beginning of the 90s, Sam starred in Carl Reiner’s black comedy film Sibling Rivalry. This film gained massive recognition and hit the box office with $17.8 million.

Later, Sam starred in many other 90s films, such as The Final Cut, The Big Lebowski, The Hi-Lo Country, Blue River, and so on. All of those films gained huge popularity and earned millions at the box office.

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Films (2001 to Present)

Because of Sam’s previous successful records, he became one of the most highly-demanded and high-paying actors in the industry. With these achievements, Sam had an enormous film success in 2003.

He starred in the Marvel Comics superhero film Hulk. This film went viral worldwide and earned $245.4 million at the box office.

From 2010 to 2015, Sam starred in many hit films, such as The Big Bang, The Company You Keep, Draft Day, I’ll See You in My Dreams, and so on.

Sam’s last film also gained enormous success by earning $436.2 million at the box office. Most of  Sam’s films succeeded, and he received massive payments for every film he acted in.


Besides films, Sam also became an influential personality on television. He starred in numerous popular television series and shows that ran for a long time.

From 1970 to 1971, Sam starred in CBS’s popular series Mission: Impossible. He completed a single season of 23 episodes of this series.

With this success, Sam also starred in several other TV programs, such as Once an Eagle, The Yellow Rose, Justified, and 1883.

All of those series run for a long time on television. Sam got paid handsomely for every appearance on those television shows and series.

Voice Over

Sam has given his voice to many popular animated films and television cartoon series. In 1996, he voiced the Adventures of Mowgli. Later, he voiced the comedy animation film Barnyard: The Original Party Animals. The film gained worldwide popularity and earned between $116.5-118.6 million at the box office.

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In 2015, Sam had enormous voice-over success. He gave voice to the animated adventure film The Good Dinosaur. This film became very popular and went viral worldwide.

Sam Elliott Net Worth

It earned over $300 million at the box office. Sam announced that his upcoming voice-over film, The Gettysburg Address, will be in theatres soon.

In television, Sam also voiced several popular cartoon series, such as American Bikers, Robot Chicken, American Dad!, Family Guy, and others. Sam was paid a high payment for every voice-over project, which has increased his net worth widely.


Sam Elliott won a total of 23 awards and was nominated 40 times. The most significant of those 23 winning awards are as follows.

  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television
  • Television Feature Film
  • Factual Television Program
  • Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series

Personal Life

Sam Elliott married actress Katharine Ross in 1984. Sam is Katharine’s fifth husband. Together, they have a daughter named Cleo, who is a musician.


How much money has Sam Elliott made?

Sam Elliott’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be 20 million U.S. dollars.

Why is Sam Elliott so popular?

Sam Elliott is famous for his lead roles in films and TV shows.

Does Sam Elliott have any biological children?

Yes, Sam Elliott has a biological daughter named Cleo.

What is Sam Elliott age?

Sam Elliott is 79 years old now.

Final Thoughts

Sam Elliott net worth is a result of his early successes. From the beginning, Sam applies his top skills to become a highly-demanded actor and achieve a lavish financial status.

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