Tyler Henry Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Tyler Henry is one of the most influential television personalities. He became famous for his unique appearances and representations. Today, we will discover the facts behind Tyler Henry net worth and career.

Who is Tyler Henry?

Tyler Henry is an American television personality. He has gained massive recognition from his reality shows. He appeared in several long-running popular television shows and series.

Tyler got worldwide fame by appearing as a clairvoyant medium in the reality show series Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry and Life After Death with Tyler Henry in 2016. Besides these, Tyler released two books that became very popular across the world.

Tyler Henry Net Worth

Critics allege that Tyler performs fake and deceptive paranormal activities. He uses cold reading and hot reading techniques and not “psychic” powers.

Short Bio of Tyler Henry

Full Name Carmelo Kyam Anthony
Birthdate 1996 (age 27–28)
Birthplace California, U.S.
Nationality American
Profession Reality Show Personality, self-described psychic and medium
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth $3  Million

Tyler Henry Net Worth

Tyler Henry’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be 3 million U.S. dollars. Being a successful reality television personality is the main reason behind this massive net worth. He appears in several long-running popular television shows and series.

Besides these, Tyler is also an author. He published two books that made millions of sales across the world. Tyler’s various career activities significantly impacted his financial status.

Early Life

Tyler was born in California. He is a native of Hanford, California. Tyler started high school at Sierra Pacific High School in the northwestern portion of Kings County, California. After completing high school graduation, he pursued a media career and never went to university or college.

Sources Behind Tyler Henry Net Worth

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry

Tyler discovered that he had clairvoyant abilities when he was ten years old. For this reason, he grew his interest in this sector.

Later, he started his first television show, Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, in 2016. This show was released on January 24, 2016, in the United States and November 23, 2016, in Sweden.

It was first premiered on E! Network. In the first episode of this series, Tyler unexpectedly connects with a young Hollywood star who died tragically.

Also, he tells about some of the past secrets of famous actress NeNe Leakes, and she confirms that Tyler is speaking the truth.

American former basketball player John Salley gets confirmation from Tyler about his daughter Taya Salley’s future. Because of this unique presentation and ideas, this show went viral soon after its release.

They started getting more audience demand worldwide. As a result, it was also released in 10 other countries. With this much popularity, Tyler completed the first season of this series with a total of 10 episodes on Aug 10, 2016. Tyler’s show Hollywood Medium premiered the first episode of season two.

This episode was featured with actress Melissa Joan Hart, Madison Beer, and Nicole Polizzi. Tyler completed 21 episodes of this season. Later, this series released three more seasons. As a debut reality series, it was a massive success for Tyler.

Life After Death with Tyler Henry

Tyler’s first series, Hollywood Medium, ended in 2019. After this, he released his next series, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, and premiered its first episode on Netflix on March 11, 2022. In the first episode, he brings Theresa and uncovers her past.

As previously stated, Tyler’s claims became true, and Theresa confirmed this. This show also began getting massive recognition worldwide. As a result, this shows Gaines viewers from various countries, like Argentina, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, and so on.

Also, it has gained a lot of positive reviews from critics. This series achieved a 7.7 stars out of 10 stars rating from the online movie rating site IMDb.

On Mar 11, 2022, the series premiered its last episode titled “It Comes at a Price.” With success, Tyler completed nine episodes of this series and most of those earned massive recognition worldwide.

In the seven years of Tyler’s reality television career, he completed almost hundreds of episodes in total. Most of these episodes archived high TRP rates and millions of views on television or online platforms like Netflix, YouTube, etc. Tyler received a high payment for his every appearance, which became the main source of his net worth.

Guest Appearances

As Tyler’s fame rose to the top, he got many invitations from several popular television shows and series. For this reason, he appeared in many talk shows, like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, Wendy Williams Show, and so on.

Tyler also made guest appearances on several popular reality television series for a particular episode. In November 2015, Tyler appeared in Ryan Seacrest’s reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. There, he gave a reading to one of the Kardashian sisters.

Tyler Henry Net Worth

Tyler appeared in various popular shows where he has given readings to many celebrities, such as Monica Potter, John Salley, Carmen Electra, Corey Feldman, and many other influential media personalities. Tyler was paid a good amount for features on those television programs.


Tyler’s first book, Between Two Worlds, was published by Gallery Books Publications on August 8, 2017. This book became very popular and ranked 84 in Amazon’s ESP (Books) list.

Later, Tyler released his second book, Here & Hereafter, by St. Martin’s Essentials Publications on March 29, 2022. Both of Tyler’s books became popular worldwide and sold millions of copies.

Still, these books have a higher demand online. As an author, Tyler gets a portion of the profit from those book sales.


How much money is Taylor Henry worth?

Tyler Henry’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be 3 million U.S. dollars.

Is Tyler Henry still doing Hollywood Medium?

No, Tyler Henry’s reality show Hollywood Medium ended in 2019.

Is Tyler Henry on Netflix?

Yes, Tyler Henry’s episodes are on Netflix.

What movies did Tyler Henry play in?

Tyler Henry appeared in a drama film titled Blue Bayou in 2021.

Final Thoughts

Tyler Henry net worth is a result of his quick successes. He applies his top presenting skills to achieve an early and enormous success, which drives him to a lavish financial status.

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