Danny Duncan Net Worth, Early Life, Career

The popular YouTuber Danny Duncan has built a multifaceted career spanning YouTube success, merchandise ventures, and brand collaborations. That apparently made fans wonder how much Danny Duncan net worth is. Here’s a detailed view of everything about this online persona.

Who is Danny Duncan?

Daniel ‘Danny’ Duncan is a very popular and successful American YouTuber. Duncan started his channel on YT in March 2014, and since then, he’s been entertaining people with hilarious videos that revolve around four main elements.

The first one is that he loves to do wild and destructive stunts. He fearlessly takes on daring challenges for laughs. His breakout video, Falling With 30,000 Pennies, which falls into this category, became his most popular, surpassing a million views.

His other popular vlog content is messing up with people, especially in public pranks. Unlike some YouTubers, Danny keeps it real — all his pranks are authentic and never staged. Danny’s videos also feature a cast of reoccurring friends and characters like collaborations with other popular YouTubers like Chris Chann and Andrew Hales.

His vlogs, content, and other partnerships helped him gain recognition early in his YouTube career.

Quick Bio

Birth Name Garry Winthrope (Daniel “Danny” Duncan)
Nick Name Danny Duncan, Danny, Dan
Born July 27, 1992 (age 31)
Birthplace Englewood, Florida, United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Profession YouTuber
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
Net Worth $50 Million

How Much Is Danny Duncan Net Worth

Danny Duncan currently owns around $50 million in net worth. Best known for his prank videos and sketch comedy, this YouTuber has reached out to a huge audience base around the world. Currently, he has more than 1.9 billion views on his channel with 480 videos.

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Danny Duncan Net Worth

In 2023, Danny Duncan talked about his earnings from different social media platforms in an interview with another popular Jon Youshaei. According to Danny, he has made roughly $150 million from all his social media channels and the merchandise he sells. No wonder he is a millionaire now, and being a YouTuber mostly is the reason behind it.

Early Life

Born Gary Winthrope in July 1992, Danny Duncan hails from Englewood, Florida. He grew up there along with two of his siblings, Kathy and half-brother Matthew. Danny was Raised by his mother, Sue Duncan, after his parent’s divorce.

Danny attended Lemon Bay High, where he excelled in both track and baseball. While in high school, he always had a passion and athleticism in him. He used to participate in track and field as well as the school’s baseball team.

After graduating in 2010, Danny started working at Walgreens but wasn’t fond of that life. So, he eventually decided to leave his job and pursue other interests.

Apart from his involvement in sports, Danny also had a keen interest in skating. He developed friendships with some professional skaters and provided advice on stretching and exercises to prevent ankle injuries. Additionally, he trained professional skateboarders.

In 2014, he gained recognition for completing a triathlon and a 5k race. This athletic background led him to volunteer as a coach for the Florida Elite Track Club.

Source Behind Danny Duncan Net Worth

Danny Duncan’s net worth is strongly connected to his presence on YouTube, where he began his channel journey in 2014. Another significant source contributing to Danny Duncan’s net worth stems from his ventures into merchandising and collaborations with various brands. Leveraging his online popularity, Duncan successfully developed his business.

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As of the writing, Danny Duncan’s YouTube channel has reached over 7.4 million subscribers and nearly two billion views. And he has more than 12 million followers across all social media. Among them, YouTube has been his primary source of earnings since 2014.

Danny started his YouTube channel in 2014. He uploaded his first video, which is about skating, in July of that year. Since then, more than 480 videos have been uploaded on his channel over nine years. And he is about to reach eight million subscribers very soon.

Duncan’s first-ever video, Falling With 30,000 Pennies, which is also his most popular video on YT, has crossed over 32 million views as of January 2024. His monthly views on his channel are 30 million on average. Aside from any sponsorships, his monthly earnings just from AdSense would be somewhere between $250K-$300K.

What does Danny Duncan do on YouTube?

On his YouTube channel, you’ll find a blend of skateboarding tips and good-natured pranks. Duncan has a knack for roping in his family members for these playful jokes. One of his most famous videos involves playfully plunging his sister’s car into a pond, only to surprise her with a new one later.

While Duncan aims to keep his pranks fun and above board, some have landed him in hot water with the law. Despite these bumps, his commitment to entertaining his audience and building a devoted fan base has been a major factor in his success and the growth of his net worth.

His Merchandise And Brand Collaborations

One of his primary ventures is the Virginity Rocks merchandise brand, a trademark he secured in 2018. The brand, characterized by its tongue-in-cheek and encouraging approach toward virgins, gained considerable traction.

Another success was the collaboration with the popular clothing chain Zumiez. From hoodies to T-shirts and shorts to hats and more, Danny made millions monthly just from his merchandise.

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He previously partnered with Killer Merch, a brand specializing in designing and producing products for real-life celebrities and online influencers.

Danny Duncan Net Worth

Furthermore, Duncan co-founded the clothing brand Ketnipz alongside Harry Hambley. Harry’s, a digital cartoonist, signature “bean” character is the mascot for the Ketnipz brand. The goal of Duncan’s six-person team, based in Miami Beach, is to disrupt the sporting goods industry with the influencer-led brand CROSSNET. All his apparel can be found on his online store, DannyDuncan69.

With his outlandish videos and a massive following, particularly among teen boys and young men, Duncan’s brand collaborations and merchandise sales contribute significantly to his multi-million-dollar revenue stream.

Personal Life

Danny Duncan is currently living in California with his family. He is living in his Beverly Grove neighborhood mansion that he bought in 2019 for around $3.5 million.


In December 2021, Danny Duncan faced controversy when a former associate, Aaron (SunHatKid), accused him of abuse in a video. Aaron’s claims led to a significant loss of subscribers for Danny. Responding with evidence a week later, Danny denied the allegations, causing a shift in public opinion.

Shortly after, Keemstar covered another controversy, alleging grooming by Danny. The accusations lacked substantial evidence, and the handling by Keemstar received criticism. As of the last available information, Danny Duncan had not responded to the grooming allegations.

In a separate incident, Duncan sparked backlash for jokingly gifting his mother a giant phallic mailbox.


How much does Danny Duncan make off merch?

Between $1-2 million per month.

How much did Danny Duncan pay for his land?

$3.69 million.

How many viewers does Danny Duncan have?

More than 1.9 billion as of January 2024.

Does Danny Duncan own a store?

Yes, Danny Duncan does own an online store, DannyDuncan69. In this store, he sells all merchandise related to his brand, including items from his Virginity Rocks line.


Danny Duncan net worth is really an interesting topic to talk about. It clearly shows how much success Danny achieved through his YouTube career. And he later expanded his career to becoming an entrepreneur as well. Despite facing controversies, his resilience and diverse interests continue to shape his online presence and business endeavors.

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