Robi Minute Offer List 2021: How to Buy Robi Minute Pack

All Robi minute offer list 2021 and All latest minute bundle package for all Robi customers. Robi is one of the most popular and largest mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. They provide some amazing voice minute bundles.  Robi recently updated her all minute offers. In this post, we will be going to show you of Robi sim all latest minute offer here.

If you are searching for a perfect Robi minute plan offer. You have come to the right place. Robi provides the most affordable prepaid minute plans for her customer. Here’s the list of all the minute plans in 2021.

Here we discuss the all minute bundle package of Robi 2021. And we also discuss how you can buy all the minutes bundle talk at the lowest rate. All the minutes You Can use to any local number.
Dial *0# to know all about Robi voice minute bundles.

Robi All Prepaid Minute Pack List 2021:

  • 10 Minutes 8TK -12Hours
  • 21 Minutes 14Tk -16Hours
  • 37 Minutes 24TK -24Hours
  • 42 Minutes 27TK -24Hours
  • 67 Minutes 43TK -4Days
  • 100 Minutes 64TK -7Days
  • 160 Minutes 99TK -7Days
  • 230 Minutes 144TK -15Days
  • 315 Minutes 194Tk -30Daya
  • 325 Minutes 199TK -30Days
  • 800 Minutes 497TK -30Days

Prepaid Minutes package with the internet:

  • 495 Minutes+512MB 298Tk -30Days
  • 560 Minutes+1GB 298TK -30Days
  • 950 Minutes+1GB 574TK -30Days
  • 1600 Minutes+5GB 997TK -30Days

How to Buy these minute packs?

You can buy any minute pack. Like, a 10-minute bundle package is only 8 taka, a 21-minute bundle package is only 16 taka and other minute packages.

If you want to buy the minute bundle package. First, go to the dial pad on your mobile phone and type *0# code. And select your Robi sim and dial. Then You can see all these minute offers. Then, select your minute pack and confirm it.

Robi Special Minute Offers:

Friends, You can also buy some special minute offer bundle package from the MyRobi app. You will get some great minute offers in the MyRobi app. These offer only for the MyRobi app user. If you want to take the offers, follows these steps:

  • Step 1 – Go to the play store and install the MyRobi app.
  • Step 2 – Open This App and Sign in with your Robi sim.
  • Step 3 – Click voice option, now you can see all the special minute offers.
  • Step 4 – Select your Robi minute pack and confirm it.

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