Can Dogs Have Pecans

Since pecans offer many health benefits, we don’t hesitate to include them in our daily meals. If you want to offer those health benefits to your dog, you have to first know: Can dogs have pecans?

Pecans are good for human beings, but not for dogs and mammals. They contain certain ingredients that are toxic to dogs. If they eat pecans, they will have several health risks.

Learning that pecans are not safe for dogs is not enough. There is a reason why it is harmful. This article will show you those reasons with logical aspects.

All About Pecans

Pecan is a seed, also known as an edible nut, that belongs to the hickory native. It has a buttery flavour that we mostly use on our sweet desserts.

Pecans are high in nutritional value. They are rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc. Besides, they are high in fat and have small amounts of protein and carbohydrates. This nut can be a saviour for us, as it helps with lowering blood pressure and keeps the heart healthy.

Can Dogs Have Pecans?

Although pecans offer a high amount of nutritional value, they can’t be safe for dogs. It is because pecans have some toxic substances that can make any dog sick in small amounts. Some dogs even suffer from neurological issues from eating one pecan. So try to keep your dog away from eating pecans or any foods that can be toxic to them.

Risks Of Having Pecans For Dogs

You may think that pecans only make the stomach upset in dogs. But they do more harm than you can expect. Their ingredients are toxic enough to cause several health risks to dogs. Such as:


Pecans are high in fat, which boosts energy in the human body. Unfortunately, this high-fat content can be dangerous for dogs. Many dogs get pancreatitis from the fats in pecans. In such cases, dogs usually vomit, lose appetite, and get diarrhoea. As a result, they feel sick and dehydrated.

Can Dogs Have Pecans

Tremors And Seizures

Nuts like pecans and walnuts contain mycotoxins that are toxic for dogs and other mammals. When a dog ingests this toxin, he can get tremors and seizures. Besides, the pecan shell, called aspergillus, can produce aflatoxin, which is also a toxic substance for dogs.

Choking Hazard

Apart from toxins, pecans can be a choking hazard for dogs. Usually, dogs gobble up nuts without chewing them. Also, the shells of pecans are hard enough to digest. Hence, eating this can create an intestinal blockage in your canine friend.

What Happens When Dogs Have Pecans?

Your dog can show unwanted symptoms after eating two pieces of pecans. Firstly, he will feel sick and then vomit. Afterwards, he may have diarrhoea. He will also feel less integrated if he eats any other foods. He may stumble and can’t coordinate with anything. If the condition gets worse, your dog might develop lethargy and tremors.

Some dogs are allergic to plant-based foods. In that case, they can’t eat those nuts as well, which are safe for dogs. However, if your dog is allergic, he will not only have those symptoms but also itchiness and rashes.

What To Do When Dogs Have Pecans?

Dogs with better digestive systems may not have many adverse effects after eating two pecans. They may just vomit and have watery poop. If this condition lasts for an hour, let them rest and feed them water. But if he vomits constantly and is having diarrhoea for many hours, you must tell your vet about it.

If your dog gets lethargy, pancreatitis, or tremors from eating pecans, he will need treatment and medications.

Can Dogs Have Pecans A Little?

For example, you dropped one small piece of pecan on the floor, and your canine friend did it out of curiosity. Perhaps that won’t cause any harm to him, as the quantity is too low. But if your dog has a sensitive stomach or is allergic, that tiny piece can have adverse effects on him. That’s why we recommend not serving pecans, even in the slightest amount, to avoid any health risks.

Can Dogs Have Pecans

Can Dogs Die From Having Pecans?

The toxic ingredients found in pecans can harm dogs, even if they take them in moderation. So, taking them in large amounts can be life-threatening for dogs. They will first suffer from pancreatitis, tremors, or seizures. Then the condition might get worse and cause them to die. It can happen when your dog is suffering from other health issues from before, and in that situation, he ate too many pecans.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Pecans?

Will one pecan hurt your dog?

One pecan will not hurt your dog, but it can make your dog feel sick. However, some dogs seem perfectly fine after eating one pecan.

What nuts can dogs eat?

Dogs shall eat specific nuts that do not have any toxic ingredients. Such as peanuts, cashew nuts, chestnuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts, almonds, etc.

What nuts are toxic for dogs?

Along with pecans, walnuts and macadamia nuts can be toxic for dogs. Dogs can have vomiting, tremors, weakness, seizures, fevers, etc. after having them.

Can dogs eat cooked pecans?

Pecans, whether raw or cooked, shall not be served to dogs. Their toxic element will stay in every form. So even if you offer them cooked pecans, they can’t escape from their side effects.

Final Verdict

One small piece of pecan may not harm dogs; that’s why you may still think, Can dogs have pecans? Unfortunately, dogs can’t have pecans because their toxins can pose health risks, even in small amounts. Make sure you keep this away from your canine friend so that he doesn’t see it and feel tempted to eat.

Let’s say your dog ate a pecan by mistake. Don’t panic in that situation. Let your dog vomit first and discharge everything. This can sometimes solve the issue. But if he gets a high fever, you must take him to your vet.

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