Can Dogs Have Almond Butter

When it comes to adding a tasty yet healthy treat to our diet, almond butter is a good option. Dogs also need such tasty and healthy treats. That’s why their guardian might think, Can dogs have almond butter?

Luckily, almond butter is safe for dogs, as it does not have any toxic substances. It will only become toxic when its ingredients include sugar or artificial sweeteners.

You may reward your cat with plain almond butter sometimes. But it is also important to be certain of its safety concerns. This article can help you learn about it, along with some health benefits and risks.

Can Dogs Have Almond Butter?

Feeding almonds to dogs occasionally won’t cause any adverse effects on them. The dog should not be allergic to plant-based foods; only then can he digest this butter.

Plain almond butter usually doesn’t have any toxic ingredients. It can be toxic to dogs if it has artificial sweeteners or chocolates, sugar, or Nutella.

How Much Almond Butter Can Dogs Have?

You can only decide to serve almond butter to your canine friend if he is fine with it. First, you must let him eat a pea-sized amount of almond butter. If he seems fine after consuming it, you can let him lick some more.

Can Dogs Have Almond Butter

Don’t serve more than one teaspoon of almond butter if your dog is a small breed. For large breeds, one tablespoon of almond butter is fine.

How To Feed Almond Butter To Dogs?

If you don’t trust market-based almond butter, you can make it yourself. For that, you will need some unsalted and roasted almonds and a little amount of vanilla extract. Do not add any extra ingredients, like Nutella and chocolate. Also, avoid artificial sweeteners, as they are toxic to dogs.

Whether you feed your dog homemade almond butter or market-based almond butter, keep the quantity moderate. You can add it to your dog’s biscuit or plain yoghurt. Another tasty way would be to mix almond butter with some pureed pumpkin. Dogs love this mixture.

Benefits Of Having Almond Butter For Dogs

Having almond butter in moderation can provide several health benefits to your dog. Firstly, almonds come with monounsaturated fats that are inevitable in almond butter. These fats help to give rise to good cholesterol and eliminate bad cholesterol. Besides, it has vitamin E, which can keep your dog’s skin and fur smooth. If your dog has any plaque buildup or an unhealthy heart, almond butter will cure that as well.

Many vets restrict dogs from eating almonds because of the choking hazard. Also, raw almonds are not good for dogs. Luckily, almond butter won’t cause such a hassle. It is easy to digest and safe to eat.

The fat content in almond butter can help your canine friend feel fuller for a long time. Hence, he can avoid overeating, which will protect him from obesity.

Risks Of Having Almond Butter For Dogs

Eating almond butter can pose health risks to your dog if he doesn’t eat the proper amount. For instance, almond butter has fibre and fat. Consuming it too much can cause vomiting and diarrhoea in your dog. Dogs with sensitive stomachs may show such symptoms after eating a moderate amount of almond butter.

Can Dogs Have Almond Butter

Another reason is not having the right type of almond butter. Let’s say the almond butter that your dog ate has sugar, chocolate, or artificial sweeteners. They are harmful to pets and may cause serious health issues, even in small amounts.

Dogs who are allergic to plant-based foods can’t withstand almond butter, as it contains almonds. If your dog has allergies and eats almond butter, he will have irritation and rashes.

How To Choose Almond Butter For Dogs?

Your dog will not have an allergy to almonds or almond butter. Only then can you go to the store and pick up some tasty almond butter for him. However, when choosing almond butter, you must read out its ingredients first.

Some almond kinds of butter have added ingredients like Nutella and chocolate. Make sure the almond butter that you are choosing for your canine friend does not have any such extra flavour.

Some almond butter has artificial sweeteners, like xylitol. This is a toxic ingredient for dogs and many other pets. Make sure the almond butter does not have any artificial sweeteners.

In short, almond butter that has roasted almonds and some sea salt can be safe for dogs. It should not have any sugar or added flavour.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Almond Butter?

Is almond butter better than peanut butter for dogs?

Almond butter has a higher blend of nutrients than peanut butter. Also, it is healthier than peanut butter. Some dogs can be allergic to peanut butter, but not almond butter.

Can dogs have almond butter with palm oil?

Almond butter is safe for dogs to eat, but not palm oil. Eating palm oil with almond butter may not give them many benefits and also not have too many adverse effects.

Can dogs eat almond butter every day?

Dogs should eat almond butter occasionally, not frequently. As it contains high amounts of fat and fibre, it can cause severe diarrhoea and vomiting if taken every day.

Can dogs have almond milk?

Compared to almonds, almond butter and almond milk are safer options for dogs. They are rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. However, dogs can easily digest almond milk as it is liquid, but the portion should be small.

Final Verdict

Since almond butter poses some health threats, you might wonder, Can dogs have almond butter? The answer is yes if it does not have Nutella, chocolate, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. In short, dogs can eat plain almond butter.

Let’s say your dog licked more almond butter than required. In such cases, you will see him vomiting and having watery diarrhoea. Watch the symptoms first; if they get worse, tell your vet about it. You can provide medication for your dog if needed.

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