The defunct FA Amateur Cup

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Between 1893 and 1974 there was a very interesting competition called the FA Amateur Cup. In the 1970s, the Football Association decided to abolish it due to the fact that it was eliminating the official status of amateur football teams. However, during its existence, the competition still managed to offer some fantastic matches. The 1xBet India website has great football live streams, which can be used for watching what is happening in lots of football stadiums around the world.

How did the tournament come into existence

In the late 19th century, professional football teams obtained legal recognition. After this occurrence, the FA Cup, which is the same competition that exists even today, came into existence. However, at the same time, the amateur squads that still existed wanted to have a competition of their own. The Football Association backed this idea up, and as such, the FA Amateur Cup came into existence. Punters can now watch live kabaddi match on 1xBet, as well as doing the same with fantastic football events.

Some of the first teams that decided to take part in this competition were:

  • Sheffield F.C.;
  • Corinthian F.C.;
  • Old Carthusians;
  • Bishop Auckland;
  • and Casuals.

Bishop Auckland was by far the most successful team in the competition. They won the FA Amateur Cup on 10 different occasions. Other great tournaments from kabaddi and their matches can be watched live on 1xBet, which features dozens of events at any given moment.

It should be noted that the final match of the competition was played at the legendary Wembley Stadium. Because of this, some of these finals had impressive attendances that reached 100,000 spectators. This meant that the FA Amateur Cup was also an incredibly popular championship.

Abolishing the tournament

In 1974, the Football Association decided to eliminate the distinction between professional and amateur squads. For this reason, the FA withdrew their support from the Amateur Cup, meaning that it was abolished in the same year. Other great cups can be wagered at, which features excellent basketball matches from all over the world.

However, this didn’t mean that amateur teams would no longer have a tournament. Instead, they were invited to take part in the FA Cup. They still do so up until today, bringing some exciting squads eager for getting good results into this championship. Of course, whenever this tournament takes place, you can visit the 1xBet online bookmaker and wager on it.

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