Make Your Banner Pop: The Best Banner Fonts for 2023

Prominent signage is one of a large corporation’s best advertising strategies. However, the rise of businesses has forced entrepreneurs to find ways to make their signage memorable.

We all love good calligraphic fonts or hanging scripted fonts on our walls at home, but there may be more effective options for outdoor banners. Rather than choosing a favorite font from your desktop, you need to select banner fonts that are legible from afar and catchy enough to stand out in a crowd.

A banner is only as good as it’s eye-catching, memorable, and expresses the essence of your business. Your banner represents your brand, and it’s also made to attract people driving by or walking past you.

Continue reading below for the top banner fonts you should use in your marketing endeavors.

Open Sans

The clean, stately letterforms have a sophisticated feel, which is perfect for any event or promotion. Its even-weighted strokes and round shapes give a contemporary look that won’t become outdated, making it a good choice for all types of designs. Open Sans also comes with a full range of weights, from ultra-light to bold, so that you can create the right look for your banner design.


Rockwell is a classic and bold serif font that will give your banner an impact. Soft edges and robust structure make it perfect for a combination of strong and warm design. For maximum impact, select either Rockwell Extra Bold or Regular.

You can also combine the two for an eye-catching text effect. This banner typeface is excellent for headlines and banners that need to grab customers’ attention in a big and bold way.

Formal Script

With its unique letterforms, this font is perfect for adding glamour and luxury to any banner. The proper color saturation and boldness can create a striking effect. Formal Script strikes an ideal balance between modern and traditional, so it’s perfect for any banner design.


Montserrat is a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface designed by Julieta Ulanovsky in 2012. It is a geometric typeface, meaning it is inspired by sans-serif typography. It has well-defined characters with good readability, a pronounced x-height, and a moderate difference in stroke weight.

The subtle details and tight spacing continues to lend modernity to Montserrat in 2023, making it a favorite for web applications, print, and even motion graphics. Its versatility makes it the perfect font for a banner maker looking to stand out and make a statement.

Times New Roman

It is a classical font choice that remains one of the best fonts for banners today. It can help create visual impact and space between the banner’s elements or lines of text. It is often seen as a conservative but sophisticated choice, adding prestige to the message displayed.

It allows you to use the font to attract attention, create impact, and add consistency to all your content. Times New Roman is an ever-classic, highly reliable font bound to elevate any message for 2023 and beyond.

Best Banner Fonts for 2023

With the rise of digital advertising, the importance of using the best banner fonts for 2023 cannot be understated. There are many excellent options, so feel free to get creative to make your banner stand out. Remember to try out new combinations and styles for a truly unique banner.

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