Ishowspeed Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Today is the era of the internet. This opens the opportunity to reveal your talent to the whole world. Thus, many talents are coming out through the internet. Ishowspeed is one of those. He revealed his talent through the Internet and became a celebrity. Today, we will discover  Ishowspeed net worth and how he earns it from the internet.

Who is  Ishowspeed?

Darren Jason Watkins Jr. is well known by his YouTube channel name Ishowspeed. He is an American YouTuber and also a YouTube live streamer. This made him an internet personality.  He is well known for his live streams, where he broadcasts live video gameplay.

Ishowspeed plays “FIFA,” “Fortnite,” “Minecraft,” “Roblox” and many other video games. Speed was named “Breakout Streamer of the Year” for his extreme gameplay. He archived this title at the 12th Streamy Awards in 2022. Besides this, Ishowspeed is also a rapper.

Short Bio of  Ishowspeed

Full Name Darren Jason Watkins Jr.
Birthdate January 21, 2005
Birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S
Nationality American
Height 5’ 8” (1.72 m)
Profession YouTuber, Streamer, Rapper
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
Net Worth $10 million
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Early Life

Ishowspeed was born in Cincinnati. His parents separated many years ago. His father, Darren Sr., is a singer. Speed stayed with his  mother, but she didn’t support him for YouTube, so Speed moved out of home to become a full-time content creator.

Ishowspeed Net Worth

Speed joined YouTube in 2016 by uploading gameplay videos. Later that year, he started live-streaming video games. Such games are “NBA 2K” and “Fortnite” but didn’t gain any subscribers or viewers. A few months later, his YouTube channel started to gain subscribers and viewers after he managed to gain 20 million subscribers in August 2023.

Ishowspeed  Net Worth

Ishowspeed’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $10 million. This amount is huge for a very short-time career. As a teenager, gaining this much wealth is so incredible. Mainly, his income comes from his online activities. Besides this, his music career also has an impact on his net worth.

Facts Behind Ishowspeed  Net Worth


Ishowspeed started YouTube as his full-time career in 2017. He started live-streaming video games with comedy and charming commentary. Later, he also posts his daily life’s vlogging videos. Through this, he managed to gain people’s attention.

In 2021, Speed’s YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers and earned him the “Silver Play Button” award from YouTube. This allows him to run more effective ads on his YouTube channel. Speed got 50k plus views in that time.

Speed’s subscribers increased to 1,000,000 in the same year, and he called the “Golden Play Button” from YouTube. With these massive subscribers, Speed got 150k plus views. Later, in 2022, Speed gained a “Diamond Play Button” for a subscriber of 10,000,00 with a 1.5 million average views.

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In 2023, Speed had massive success on YouTube when he got 20 million subscribers with an average of 8 million views. Basically, YouTube allows to generate money by running ads on uploaded videos. The earning is based on the total views of the video.

Speed’s video got millions of views, which is increasing daily, boosting his earnings from YouTube massively. Undoubtedly, Speed’s earning from YouTube is the primary source of his net income.

Other Social Media

Speed uses other social media platforms to generate more money. He posts short videos on TikTok, where he has 22.7 million followers. With this massive number of followers, he can easily earn huge amounts of money per year from TikTok.

Besides TikTok, Speed also uses many other platforms to increase his fame as well as his earnings, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Those platforms also earn money for him, which increases his net worth.

Music Career

Besides YouTube and social media, Speed has also made his successful career in music. In 2021, Speed released his first single son,g “Dooty Boot.” Initially, this song became popular.

Ishowspeed Net Worth

After Speed’s first success in music, he started to record and make more songs. Such songs are “Shake,” “Ronaldo (Sewey),” and “World Cup.” All of those songs became so popular. Also, the earnings from those songs are massive, which eventually increases his net worth.

Promotions and sponsors

As Speed’s fame rose to the top of the internet, many big websites, apps, and game companies made a promotion deal with him. They sponsored many videos of speed to make their promotion through it. “Twitch,” “Valorant,” and” Kotaku” are of them. Those companies paid Speed a high amount of payment, which undoubtedly boosted his net worth.

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Music Video

Speed was featured in a famous rapper’s music video in 2022. He featured with Tion Wayne and Aitch on the “Let’s Go music video.” Speed appears as his character in this music video. Speed got paid for this music video and wants to make more music videos next.

Awards And Nominations

Speed has won two awards. Those are

  • Breakout Streame of the Year in 2022
  • Variety Streamer of the Year in 2023

Also, Speed was nominated for

  • Streamer of the Year in 2022 and 2023

Personal Life

Speed is not married, but he has been in several relationships. Once, he said in a livestream that he has a daughter. After that, it’s become a matter of controversy, although there is no explicit declaration on it.


How much does IShowSpeed make annually?

As calculating his average YouTube views, his earning from YouTube ads is around $3.6 million per year.

How much money has Speed got?

Speed’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $10 million.

How old is Speed 2023?

Speed was born on January 21, 2000. He is currently 18 years old.

How long did it take for IShowSpeed to get $10 million?

Speed started his full-time online career in 2017, and in 2023, his net worth is $10 million. So it took around 5-6 years for him.

Final Thoughts

Ishowspeed net worth is nothing but his dedication and willpower to be successful. The Internet gives him the chance to show his talent worldwide and Speed succeeded in gaining people’s attention to his talent.

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