How To Effectively Research Casino Before You Start Playing In It


How to choose the ideal online casino?

If you think that it is enough to type something like ‘The best online casino‘ into the search engine and select the first option that the search engine throws up, you are mistaken and there is a big chance that you will come across a scam. That system might work when you’re looking for a good movie or series to watch, but when it comes to choosing an online casino, you need to do your research, like when you’re choosing a bank where you’ll open an account. We are sure that when you opened a bank account, you did not enter the first institution you saw and without any knowledge entrusted them with money for safekeeping or asked for a loan, for example, without first checking if other places have a better offer. Why should choosing an online casino be any different? After all, this will be a provider to whom you will entrust your money as well as sensitive personal data.

To save you from mistakes that many before you have made and thus got scammed out of their money by casinos that use rigged games or refuse to payout players’ winnings we will teach you what to look for when choosing an online casino and what to avoid at all costs.

  1. Make sure you are choosing a legitimate website 

Before you even make an account on the site let alone deposit any funds look into the licensing of the casino. Every reputable casino should have a valid license from at least one regulatory body. Check out our list of the best legal casino sites for more information. The legal information about the license and registration of the company should be available at the very bottom of the front page of the website or at least in the FAQ portion of the menu.

The most common and reputable licenses are:

  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) 
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA)
  • Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority (CGLA)
  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

If the license information is nowhere visible on the site there is likely no license at all and the said casino should be avoided at all costs. 

If you are adamant about playing in a casino that doesn’t provide license information on the website you could reach out to customer service and inquire about the license or check out reviews on gambler forums, but since those can be easily faked we strongly advise to steer clear of such websites since they are more likely than not completely unregulated and can easily scam you out of your money since there isn’t any legal supervision over the website.

  1. Watch out for the bonuses

When choosing an online casino many players make the mistake of choosing the one that promises the best bonuses and gifts. Once extra credit for play, free spins, and cashback bonuses are thrown in their face they tend to forget to look into the casino any further, deciding that the offer is too good to pass on.

To avoid confusion, we are not saying that you shouldn’t consider bonuses when choosing a casino, in fact, bonuses are a great way to increase your bankroll and make the most of it. We are simply saying – Don’t look JUST at the bonus. 

Choosing a casino that offers lucrative bonuses should be one of your priorities but keep in mind that if the bonus seems too good to be true it probably is! Often casinos promise large sums and outrageous numbers of free spins upon registration and deposit but these bonuses don’t come without a catch. Usually, in the fine print, you will find unrealistic wagering requirements that you need to meet to claim the bonus and it often happens that once you fulfill everything that is expected of you the bonus isn’t even worth the trouble or as lucrative as you thought.

So before you make rash decisions based on lavish bonuses that are thrown at you, make sure to read the fine print and get your facts straight.

  1. Check out the banking options 

Most online casinos nowadays offer a whole selection of different ways that you can deposit and withdraw your money. Whether you prefer to use a credit card, or e-wallet or want to play with crypto, chances are that a good online casino will have it as an option. 

However, a lot of online casinos have different banking options for deposits and withdrawals. For instance, some casinos will allow you to deposit money into your casino account using your e-wallet, but only let you withdraw the money into a bank account or the other way around. If you only have access to one form of payment and it just so happens that you can’t withdraw money back the same way your funds could be stuck until you figure out another form of transaction. 

Also, certain casinos and banks charge additional fees for financial transactions which could decrease your bankroll or your winnings. To avoid any complications make sure you are informed about your banking options beforehand.

  1. Visit a few gambler forums 

Just as we mentioned earlier these forums aren’t considered to be the most reliable sources of information since reviews can be easily faked or written in a rather emotional manner by sore losers that want to bad-mouth a casino that ‘took’ their money. However, if certain claims are made by many people across different forums there is likely some truth to the claims. Use these user reviews as a warning or a tool to help you determine which casinos are worth looking into and what you should research about them.

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