Famous And Popular Sapporo Travel Attractions

Odori Koen plays host to one of Sapporo’s major annual social events – the Sapporo Snow Festival held annually and Hokkaido Shrine which is well known among Shintoists.

Foodies must visit Ishiya Chocolate Factory! Here, you can witness how their signature treat, shiroi koibito, is made and treat yourself to a cake buffet and robot show! Hong Kong to Sapporo Cathay Pacific flights make access really easy so why not take advantage?


Moiwayama Mountain is an iconic landmark for residents of Sapporo. Offering breathtaking panoramic views throughout all four seasons, its allure becomes particularly stunning at night when its lights illuminate Sapporo in spectacular fashion. Selected as one of Japan’s three best night views in 2015, Moiwayama can be found approximately 5 km southwest from downtown Sapporo and served by ropeway and motorway transport – it also serves as a ski resort, drawing in many skiers who come year round.

The five mountain trails can all be hiked comfortably and in one day; their summit offers a restaurant and observatory; for a break during their hike, halfway station has the world’s first drive-type mini cable car – Morris Car.

Free shuttle buses run between Ropeway Iriguchi streetcar stop and lower ropeway station every 20 minutes, while upper ropeway station can also be accessed using shuttle bus services from Sapporo Station West 4 Chome or Odori stations.

Alternatively, if you have enough time, why not combine Moiwayama with a day trip to Otaru – an attractive coastal town offering stunning sea views and historic canals -? Take the bus from Otaru directly to Cape Kamui for stunning coastal vistas on Hokkaido.

Sapporo’s main airport, New Chitose International Airport, provides direct flights to Tokyo and other major Japanese cities. If you plan to travel multiple places within Japan at once, a JR Pass could save money on ticket costs; Osaka-bound flights take two hours with a fee of Y36,520 ($3206, P16,400).

Nijo Ichiba

Nijo Market is an all-year favorite among both visitors and locals alike, featuring some of Hokkaido’s signature foods. Established over one hundred years ago by fisherman selling fresh catches, the market now spans an entire city block and offers everything from seafood to sushi – not forgetting Hokkaido’s famed chocolate, particularly the well-known Shiroi Koibito! Domestic tourists frequently purchase this sweet as gifts for loved ones back home!

Nijo Castle is another fantastic spot to visit on Hokkaido and offers a fascinating glimpse into some of its history. Furthermore, there are various museums nearby which add even further depth of knowledge regarding Hokkaido’s past.

Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art is an absolute must-see for art enthusiasts, situated within a beautiful park. Boasting contemporary works from both Japanese and Western artists, the museum also hosts rotating galleries that keep things interesting! Make sure to see what’s showing when you arrive!

Sapporo offers many activities outside of winter festivities and ski resorts on its outskirts, from learning more about Hokkaido’s pioneering past to climbing its gigantic tower for stunning city views. One such park is Hokkaido’s 100th Anniversary Memorial Park which gives hands-on introductions of Hokkaido pioneer history; another site worth visiting is its 100th Anniversary Memorial Park with a giant tower that can be scaled.

Asahiyama Park

Sapporo is known for its breathtaking snow and ice sculptures, such as Odori Park which hosts an incredible snow festival every February featuring giant snow sculptures. If you can’t make it, visit Odori Park between mid-November and December for the illuminations of Sapporo White Illumination instead!

Notable attractions at this park include a large terraced lawn, fountain and Chinese arbor – as well as offering spectacular views of the cityscape – providing plenty of romantic date spots as well as family friendly playgrounds where kids can run free and have fun playing! It makes this an excellent spot for date couples or families with young children as there is ample room to run free and play safely.

Isamu Noguchi designed several structures found throughout the park, such as the Hidamari Glass Pyramid; an iconic landmark which houses an art gallery and information center as well as hosting outdoor concerts during warmer seasons and serving as an indoor skating rink when winter comes around.

Sapporo is an excellent city for shopping, boasting numerous complexes and outlets throughout its central district. Some of the more well-known ones include Tanukikoji Shopping Street, Nijo Market and Bic Camera; Mitsui Outlet Park provides another popular option just minutes from Sapporo Station; it features many designer shops as well as brand-name stores with easy train station access and features a food court – perfect for tourists visiting Sapporo!


The Historical Village of Hokkaido, commonly referred to as Kaitaku-mura, is an open air museum situated within Nopporo Shinrin Koen Prefectural Natural Park outside Sapporo. Comprised of 60 buildings from all across Hokkaido that depict various aspects of frontier life during Meiji and Taisho Periods (1862 – 1920), Kaitaku-mura provides the perfect opportunity to gain more knowledge about Ainu culture, history and wildlife of Hokkaido.

The museum features four sections that recreate town, fishing village, farm village and mountain village life on Japan’s northern island. Visitors to this museum should plan a visit during winter when snow cover blankets the landscape for maximum effect.

No matter your taste in manga or graphic novels, Golden Kamuy’s Museum will definitely be worth your visit. The series follows Kai as he is forced into living as a pioneer on an isolated island – many buildings from this museum make direct appearances in its pages!

Bus Xin 22 leaves Sapporo Station every 60 minutes and costs 210 yen per ticket; alternatively you could walk 10 minutes away to Hokkaido Museum which gives more depth on its history; there’s even a combination ticket available so you can visit both!

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