CCDE Cisco Certified Design Expert Certification Overview

The CCDE certification is the most renowned and well-respected in the IT industry. It confirms your status as a guru of network design with high-level exposure to designing concepts and their pertinent key areas. Qualified experts are employed to deal with intricate and difficult networks and create quick and practical solutions.

The candidates should possess an in-depth technical understanding of evaluating and expanding large network infrastructure architecture to complete the certification requirements successfully. Thankfully, the Cisco Certified Design Expert certification is optional. However, candidates will feel more at ease studying for the test if they have three to four years of relevant practical experience. To earn the CCDE certification, candidates must pass two tests. The information about these tests is provided below:

Exams Description for CCDE

  • First step: CCDE written test (352-001)

Your knowledge of routing protocols, tunnelling, Quality of Service (QoS), management, cost, capacity, and security is tested on the 352-001 Exam. In addition, the candidates must have a thorough technical understanding of network design, internetworking, and theory fundamentals. You must pass this two-hour exam before proceeding to the one it precedes.

  • Second Step: CCDE Practical Exam    

The 8-hour, scenario-based CCDE Practical Exam is heavily weighted toward subjects like design analysis and its essential components, such as requirements and implementation. Candidates for the exam must be able to create network designs, defend design choices, and validate and improve a network design. Additionally, the candidates should be able to establish a technical network architecture and handle commercial difficulties.

The following percentages represent the breakdown of the exam modules:

  • 30% Examine Design Requirements
  • Design and Develop Networks 39%
  • Network design implementation 13%
  • Verify and enhance the network design

The topics included in the CCDE Practical Exam are incomplete. The exam may also include topics that are related to one another. A unique scenario will accompany each exam topic’s questions.

The compensation and roles of a Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE)

Prospects for the (CCDE) are more promising than anticipated. Cisco has risen to prominence as the most reputable technology provider for the IT industry. As a result, its credentials are among the most respected and in-demand globally. They are also considered when determining how much money certified professionals receive. Therefore, the best career-launching support for people looking to establish a solid professional career in networking will come from the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certification.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for CCDE certification will increase by 8% over the next few years. It suggests that CCDE-certified specialists’ jobs are secure and that their portfolios will gain from the best compensation and perks. Currently, Newly hired Cisco-certified professionals currently make between $40,000 and $85,000 per year. If you have three to four years of work experience, your pay could range from $70k to $110k. Well, continue reading for more info.

How to Study for CCDE Exams: Cisco Certified Design Expert

For the Cisco exam preparation, you have three choices. First, Cisco provides you with self-study tools that are incredibly helpful and cover every topic covered in both CCDE certification tests. In addition, this information gives you access to a reading blog series for more clarification and a comprehensive reading list to help you increase your knowledge. Second, Cisco offers you access to learning network resources where you can get the answers to your inquiries on the subjects covered by the CCDE Written and Practical Exams. Third, Cisco provides exam candidates with Leaning Partner Content. This option’s name implies that it includes learning materials created by Cisco Authorized Learning Partners like SPOTO. Well, click here to read more about CCDE.

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