Whitney Cummings Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

Whitney Cummings is a television personality who has earned recognition from various sectors. Be it as a podcaster, comedian, producer, director, writer, or actress, Whitney is a champion in all of them. Seeing her immense success, her fans might be wondering: What is Whitney Cummings net worth?

This famous actress and comedian has a net worth of $35 million. Her net worth is the sum of her annual income, monthly income, salary per episode, house, cars, properties, and investments.

Who Is Whitney Cummings?

Whitney Cummings is an American actress, writer, comedian, podcaster, director, and producer. She gained popularity for her roles in “Hooked,” “Life is Short,” “Grizzly Park,” and many other short films. Besides, her comedy specials in “Money Shot,” “Can I Touch It?” and “Love You” are still favourites of her fans.

What Is Whitney Cummings Net Worth?

The famous actress and comedian, Whitney Cummings, has a net worth of $35 million. As per records, her net worth has taken a growing stage. In 2021, her worth was $31 million; in 2022, it became $33 million; and in 2023, it reached $35 million. So we are expecting a higher net worth for Whitney in the next year.

Sources Of Whitney Cumming Net Worth

Whitney Cumming’s profession as an actress, comedian, producer, director, writer, and podcaster has helped her earn a good number of earnings. She gets $60,000 per episode. Again, her monthly income is more than $175,000, and her annual income is more than $2 million.

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Whitney Cummings Net Worth

Along with income, Cumming’s assets are a reason for her valuable net worth. For instance, she owns a 6,830-square-foot house in California that is worth $4.3 million. Her other house is in LA, which she bought for $1,484,725.

Whitney owns some incredible cars from lavish brands. Such as Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, and Jeep Wrangler.

Early Life

Whitney Cumming’s birthplace is Washington, D.C. She was born on September 4, 1982. Her mother, Patti Cummings, was a public relations executive, and her father, Vince Cummings, is a public relations director. Whitney has an older sister whose name is Ashley and an older half-brother whose name is Kevin. Her parents got separated when Whitney was five years old. That’s why she couldn’t spend her childhood with her parents and was raised Roman Catholic.

Whitney moved to her aunt’s house in Virginia when she turned 12. Sometimes she used to go to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, to meet her father.

Cummings graduated from St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in 2000. Then she joined D.C.’s Studio Theater to study acting. For higher studies, Whitney enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania. From there, she earned the communication degree in 2004.


After completing graduation, Whitney started working on MTV and Punk’d. Then she played a role in “EMR,” screened in Cannes. This is when she started working on stand-up comedies. In 2007, she appeared in Variety, an American magazine, as one of the top 10 comedians. In the next year, she participated in “Last Comic Standing,” which was occurring in San Francisco.

Then in 2008, Whitney worked in a television series, “The Tony Rock Project,” and in a comedy film, “Made of Honor.” Besides, she appeared in “Chelsea Lately,” a late-night comedy show, as a guest. She was the roundtable guest on the show until 2014.

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Cumming’s name was in the first position of “12 Rising Stars of Comedy” in the Entertainment Weekly magazine. Then she starred as a comedy roaster in “Comedy Central Roasts.”

In 2010, Whitney appeared in the one-hour stand-up comedy “Whitney Cummings: Money Shot.” Her other comedy film was “Douchebags and Donuts.”

Cumming’s creation, “2 Broke Girls,” was hyped in 2011. Michael Patrick King was also the creator and producer of this sitcom, along with Whitney. Cumming’s semi-fictionalized version of this sitcom was a hit with critics. She took it as a learning curve for her career. The sitcom was cancelled in 2013, and Whitney appeared in the talk show “Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings.” This show lasted for 11 episodes.

Cummings was going through an eating disorder in 2013. That’s why she did so many compulsive exercises. In the next year, this celebrity could overcome her disorder and work on the song “I Love You.”

In 2016, Whitney worked on her debut album, “In I’m Your Girlfriend,” which premiered on HBO. This album faced critics too. According to the audience, this album couldn’t portray Whitney’s comedy as much as she did in other shows. After one year, she played a supporting role in a thriller film, “Unforgettable.” Then she directed and starred in a comedy film, “The Female Brain.”

Alongside the television industry, Whitney used to work as an author. Her first book was “I’m Fine…And Other Lies,” which was published in 2017. It was based on her personal stories and the struggles of her life. Then Whitney worked as an executive producer on the sitcom “Roseanne.”

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Whitney Cummings Net Worth

In 2019, Whitney released “Can I Touch It?” on Netflix. Besides, she launched her podcast, “Good for You.” Dan Levy, the actor and producer, was her first guest.

Cummings hosts her podcast with Benton Ray. Now, lots of guests from different professions come to her show. Nikki Glaser, the American comedian, often visits “Good for You” as a guest.

Cummings has also worked on the book “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss. There, she shared some of her advice in one chapter.

Personal Life

Whitney is very sincere with her career, so she didn’t think of marriage yet. Maybe her passion for work is the reason for her single status. However, she dated Alex Barnes, a veterinarian, in 2021. This couple has separated now, and from them, Cummings is focused on her career.

Whitney announced that she was pregnant in June 2023. The media is still confused about whether it was a joke or not since Whitney has no record of her present boyfriend.

Frequently Asked Questions On Whitney Cummings Net Worth

How old is Whitney Cummings?

Whitney was born on September 4, 1982. So now, in 2023, she will be 41 years old.

What is Whitney Cumming’s height?

Cumming’s height is 5 feet, 10 inches.

What was Whitney Cumming’s net worth in 2020?

In 2020, Cumming’s net worth was $29 million.

Final Thoughts

After giving so many years to the television industry, Whitney Cummings net worth has now reached $35 million. Still, she is giving an amazing performance to the audience. Whether it is comedy specials, sitcoms, or films, Whitney stands out in every part. Maybe because of that, she is still in her fans’ hearts.

Celebrities like Whitney are often involved in business partnerships, endorsements, and investments. Hence, their net worth can fluctuate and not be the same every time. So we are waiting to see the new net worth of Whitney in the next year.

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