Phone out of range – what should I do?

The disappearance or permanent lack of coverage in our device is a very annoying problem that, despite the ever-growing network of transmitters, still happens. If our phone loses connection with the mobile network, it is impossible or difficult to use its basic functions. If you are on vacation or on business trips, the Uctel team advises hotel signal boosting to solve the causes of poor connection. In this article, we will also analyze how to increase the range of our phones to be able to return to their normal use.


Why is the phone unable to connect to the mobile network?

The decrease or lack of range is caused by different things. The most important one is not having a transmitter at the right distance or when we are traveling, having trouble switching between transmitters.

Loss of coverage can also happen to us when something interferes with the transmission of data in a given place, for example in a forest where the trees are perfectly isolated without letting the signals through, as well as in elevators or some buildings with a certain structure.


What do we do if we have no coverage on our phones?

  1. Restart your phone – at first look, this may seem like a very easy process, but it is effective in fixing this issue. Switch off the phone and switch it on again. Then, see if the problem is gone. Sometimes, doing a soft reset can help fix our device right away.
  2. Make sure to check your SIM card. It might not be recognized by your phone or it might not be inserted correctly. Make sure the SIM card is in the right place in the slot and not broken. You can do this by putting it in another smartphone.
  3. Disable airplane mode – it sounds trivial, but very often it is the cause of coverage problems. In your phone’s settings or in the top bar, check to see if airplane mode is accidentally enabled. If it is, deactivate it immediately and the range problem should go away.
  4. Make sure you know which network you are using because coverage issues can often be caused by insufficient mobile network settings. On your phone, find the option for choosing a mobile network and pick the one that is best for your phone or SIM card.
  5. Make sure to update your phone regularly. Updates help your phone work better and fix any issues with your network connection. Make sure to update your phone’s software to the most recent version, and you’ll see that the entire issue will go away.
  6. Disable battery saver mode – Check if your device sometimes has battery saver mode enabled. Very often such features cause weakening of the network in general.


Can apps running in the background affect the coverage issue?

Often, the cause of coverage degradation is the high activity of installed applications. It is enough to forcibly disable those that we do not use at the moment in the device settings. Too much traffic on the mobile network can cause problems with using the phone.


How to strengthen the signal on the phone?

Check the coverage map

If you have issues with coverage in your own apartment or house, life can make it easier for you to memorize the places where the signal strength is strongest and weakest. So, during an important conversation or Internet connection, you just need to go to the right place so that you don’t lose connection at the most unexpected moment.


Change the network

Generally, it is best to set your phone to automatically detect the network and connect to it.


However, if we are at a point where the range from the base stations overlaps, it may be that the phone will lose coverage sometimes by switching between them.


This is especially acute when LTE coverage is not strong enough. You can buy hotel signal boosting and then manually switch to the range of the 3G network, whose signal should be suitable.


GSM/3G/LTE antenna

Another way to make our smartphones work better is by using antennas that can send and receive signals in all directions. These antennas come in different types with different frequencies, so we need to pick the one that works best. With this antenna, we can get a strong and consistent signal (even reaching 2-3 additional frequency ranges) and make data transfer faster. Many of these antennas, as antenna boosters for cars, are magnetically supported, so we can easily install them, for example, on the railing of a balcony or on the roof of a car.


Enable Wi-Fi calling

The internet can now be utilized for making phone calls and sending messages, all thanks to an affordable and uncomplicated Wi-Fi connection. This feature is the Wi-Fi calling that was mentioned earlier. You can turn it on if you haven’t already. In order to use all the features, you must have a compatible phone that can support this solution. If you do not have one, you need to use the right app made by your phone company. Contact them for more information about the best cell signal booster and other solutions.


Operator Transmitter Enhancement

A legal and often improved way to improve coverage in our home or neighborhood is to ask the carrier to boost the signal. We may also ask you to check the transmitter closest to us. It may not be working properly.


A damaged phone

If none of our tips work in the end and the network problem persists, we may have to send your phone in for repair. We can use the warranty (if we still have it) or return it to a service that will take proper care of our device. Perhaps one of the components of the phone responsible for communication and the operation of the mobile network has failed. The SIM card reader might be broken, or the SIM card could be the issue.


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