How can UX design change your business forever?

Today there is no doubt that the design and functionality of your site is more important than ever, because in most markets the competition is quite high, so the customer chooses the product or service that has the most convenient platform to sell. That is why, today we will talk about UX design and the peculiarities of working with companies working in this field.

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UX design allows your business to get better and make more money, because according to statistics more than 80% of users make purchases from competitors when faced with a bad interface.

Every qualified design team knows that:

  • More than half of new projects fail because they are not accepted by users;
  • Every single fix in already launched digital products affect user experience;
  • Almost all consumers consider brand value an important factor for making a purchase decision, it is UX design that allows you to increase this value.

What can a well-organised UX design strategy give your business?

First of all you need to know that investments in good UX design can reduce development time and further product support costs. Additionally, effective UX design enhances key performance indicators (KPIs).

The user is always prioritised in UX design. The foundation of any UX designer is a thorough understanding of users’ wants and behaviours provided through user research. There is no doubt that UX design adds value to a brand and makes it memorable!

UX designers have contributed to some of the most recognisable and famous brand components over the years. While it could be visual elements like Facebook’s iconic “Like” button or Amazon’s perfect shade of orange, the statement holds true for other aspects of UX design as well—at least in all companies that are forward-thinking enough to pay attention to design maximum attention.

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Another good example is the constantly updating Instagram feed, which is almost impossible to tear yourself away from. It has become a hallmark of the brand, and this element is more related to interaction design than visual design.  Companies based on design thinking can always improve their branding, unlike those that rely only on corporate business tactics. In today’s digital world, the visuals, and interactions that underpin user and business communication demonstrate this. More than half of consumers consider brand value an important factor in their purchasing decision. Thus, increasing brand awareness is of great benefit to any company, as is the application of design thinking in the branding process.

What competitive advantages do you gain by using the UX design tool?

As a rule, the main difference between good and bad branding is design. Although there are currently many free tools for creating your own application or website, it is unlikely that the product developed with them will be similar to what a professional UX designer can create.

Users probably won’t even be able to tell you why they like a well-designed product, but they will definitely prefer it over a lower-quality one. In particular, most users will deliberately ignore UX design, but it will still affect their perception and decision-making process.

Many researchers argue that it was the UX design of Facebook that made it the largest social network in the world, allowing MySpace to be removed from this position. Facebook has won the trust of users by making the delicate process of providing personal data as easy and convenient as possible. In contrast, another social networking site required users to immediately fill out multiple fields by sharing personal information. The interface of Facebook has always looked and felt more modern than the interface of other social media.

The methods that UX designers use to research and solve some of the toughest challenges facing the world are unique and highly effective. Design thinking is now integral to business success.

It removes barriers between physical and digital products and services! Over the past decades, business has changed a lot: companies now provide users with a mixed experience. They encourage us to use digital products and visit stores and strive to ensure that users are satisfied with the experience.

That’s why when you cooperate with UX designing companies you can count on:

  • Design and development of web interfaces and mobile applications;
  •  Analysis of statistics and user behaviour;
  •  Collection of information about the project and its target audience;
  •  Creation of layouts and prototypes;
  •  Creation of effective, convenient and useful solutions;
  •  Work on the graphic part of the interface: menu, fonts, icons, photos, illustrations, animation;
  •  Drawing of buttons, forms, blocks, selection of fonts, colours and other elements.

What is important to know when choosing a UX designer?

Those working in UX design are most interested in user expectations. All the events and interactions users have had with each application earlier in their lives help set their expectations of how interfaces should work. Every UX designer may unintentionally create an interface interaction that appears rational to them but deviates from accepted wisdom if they are unfamiliar with these expectations. Users don’t like it when the interface behaves completely differently than they expected and it can negatively affect their performance. For example, most people like the idea of ​​double-clicking a file to open it, and clicking once to select a file.


When choosing a UX designer, you should pay attention to:

  • Basic knowledge of web design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks;
  • Ability to work in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma programs;
  • Understanding of color theory, composition, typography, principles of interface usability;
  • Knowledge of English at the Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate level;
  • Ability to work on several projects simultaneously.

Finally , now you understand exactly how services in the field of UX design work and will be able to make the right choice in choosing a trustworthy UX design firm in San Francisco in 2023. Just take into consideration all points that we have covered in this article.

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