Mattress Mack Net Worth, Early Life, Career

This article will focus on an American businessman named “Mattress Mack,” whose actual name is James McIngvale. He successfully ran the Gallery Furniture retail chain. Details about Mattress Mack net worth, early life, affairs, and other subjects are provided below.

Mattress Mack, who is he?

In the Business Industry of America, Jim McIngvale is a renowned Name. Since 1990, he has been the wealthiest businessman in America. He owns the famous Gallery Furniture. He is the actual founder of the store. People also know him by his famous nickname, which is “Mattress Mack”. Besides this, he is also known as a great philanthropist.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

What is the net worth of Mattress Mack?

Mattress Mack’s net worth is $310 million in 2023. The success of the Gallery Furniture Retail Chain has made him such a famous and renowned businessman in America. Since 1990, he has been counted as the wealthiest businessman in America. Now his monthly income and salary are around $2.5 million.

Early Life

Mattress Mack was born on February 11, 1951. It was in Starkville, Mississippi, United States. Most of his childhood he spent in Mississippi with his family. His father’s name is George McIngvale and his mother’s name is Angela McIngvale. His father used to be a successful businessman and entrepreneur who served in World War II. And his mother was a housewife.

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James attended Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas. Later in high school, he went to the North Texas University for higher study in 1969, which is currently known as the University of North Texas in Denton. There, he used to play football.

Facts Behind Mattress Mack Net Worth

Early Career

Mattress Mack developed an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. He was always into business management. Mattress Mack was quite sharp as a youngster. He started various small businesses during his childhood and teenage years.

He got a job in a furniture store after graduating from university. Then He learned about real-life business practices there and gained experience. And after a short time, he quit the job. He dreamed about building up a business with him, and later it came true.

Gallery Furniture Business

James founded Gallery Furniture in 1981 in Texas. He bought an abandoned property of a model home park for his business. He invested $5,000 and used his own pickup truck. It was the initial stage of the beginning of the famous shop. Then he invested a large sum of money in commercial ads to improve sales.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

Also, his famous catchphrase- Saves you money! impress and attract the customer. His company is doing super well in America’s competitive market. Now he has a number of chains of stores in different cities in America. Now the company’s annual revenue is approximately $150 million through mattress and furniture sales.


As the richest businessman in America, he owns a massive house in Houston. Besides that, he also has houses in Starkville, Dallas, Los Angeles, etc. Mack owns plenty of cars, such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Ferrari, and a few more.

Book Writing

Apart from his many businesses, Jim is also an author. His first book Always Think Big in 2002. He co-authored with John Ivanovich and Thomas Dunning. The book represents the journey of his entrepreneurial career in depth.

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Media Appearances

He made his first TV appearance on WWE’s flagship show, Raw. Shortly after, he appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Since 2000, he has appeared as an occasional guest on shows including Good Morning America, To Dine for with Kate Sullivan, Your Word with Neil Cavuto, and Fox and Friends.

Venture into Horse Racing

Jim ventured into horse racing in 1990. Consequently, he became the owner of some champion thoroughbreds, including Ran Smarty Run and a filly named Quite a Bride. He also owns and operates a dirt racing track which is known as “The Park” in Houston.

Sports Gambler

Mattress Mack is also a passionate sports gambler. He has been gambling since it was made legal in Louisiana. Through this, he wins a lot of money but also loses a lot. Everyone pays attention whenever he places a bet.


“Mattress Mack,” has received some awards and honors for his business achievements and philanthropic efforts. Like, for his contributions to various charitable causes and disaster relief efforts, particularly during events like Hurricane Harvey, he received Philanthropy Awards. For his contributions to the community and the economy, he was awarded Local Honors.


Movie producing

In 1992, he and her wife co-produced the action-comedy film, Sidekicks. In the movie, they cast Chuck Norris, Jonathan Brandis, Beau Bridges, and Mako. Jim invested 8 million dollars in the production of the film. But it generated more than $17 million during its domestic release.

Political Involvement

He is known for his political views. He’s an active supporter of the Tea Party Movement. He supports politicians such as Bill King and John Culberson, whom he has endorsed during the elections and appeared in their commercials.

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Personal Life

Marriage Life

Besides, Mattress Mack is a very family person. He met his wife during his time at North Texas University. Her name is Linda Mcingvale. The two got married in 1980. Before that, he was married to Cynthia Potter, but they got divorced. But with Linda Mcingvale, they have been a happy and successful married couple for the last 41 years.

Besides being a supportive wife, she carries on with her success. She is the founder of Westside Tennis and Fitness Club, that helps with people’s mental health. She is also appreciated for her work as a producer on Good Morning America (1975). They currently have four children. They are James, Laura, Elizabeth, and Regina (adopted). And they also have six grandchildren together.

Charity Works

“Mattress Mack,” has been actively engaged in various philanthropic efforts and community involvement. Some of his notable charity work includes: Jim has been actively involved in providing aid during natural disasters. In 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, he opened up his furniture stores and provided shelters for displaced residents. He used his delivery trucks to rescue people from floodwaters and donated money.

Besides this, he helps veterans find housing and work, as well as furnishing veterans’ homes. He supports education institutes by giving furniture, providing medical care and financial support, and supporting animal shelters and advocating for animal welfare.


How old is Mattress Mack?

He is 72 years old.

What is the famous slogan by Mattress Mack? 

Its “Gallery Furniture Saves Your Money.” It was used for several commercials for the shop.

When did he get involved in Horse Racing? 

In 1990, he bought a horse from an auction and later opened a racing track in Houston.

How did he get the “Mattress Mack” nickname?

He got the nickname “Mattress Mack” because he created the prosperous mattress line Mack-O-Pedic.

What kind of gambler Mattress Mack is?

Mattress Mack is an active sports gambler. He placed a $3,000,000 bet on the Astros in May 2022 which is shocking.

Final Thoughts

Mattress Mack is widely regarded and received a lot of respect for his work. He became America’s richest businessman through his hard work and passion. He got so much love and fame for his kindness for others. All his successes have enriched Mattress Mack net worth to a height that should be admired.

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