Isiah Thomas Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Twelve-time NBA All-Star, Isiah Thomas was a great athlete in the 1990s. With his decade of baseball career, he has amassed huge fame and wealth. This article is all about Isiah Thomas net worth and career. As well as it’ll provide the sources behind his fortune.

Who is Isiah Thomas?

Isiah Lord Thomas III, or just Isiah Thomas, is a former professional basketball player in America. He is also a coach and NBA TV analyst and a highly successful businessman. Playing for the Detroit Pistons in his entire career, Thomas has been NBA All-Star twelve times.

After his professional career, he coached multiple basketball teams and was a commentator.

Full Name Isiah Lord Thomas III
Born April 30, 1961 (age 62)
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 1 inches (1.85 m)
Profession Former Professional Basketball Player
Position Point guard
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $100 Million

What is Isiah Thomas Net Worth?

As of the latest available estimates, Thomas owns approximately $100 million in net worth. Not only did he excel as a player, but he also ventured into coaching, broadcasting, and business. All of which contributed to his wealth expansion.

Off the field, he has several successful businesses. Currently, these businesses are the source of his earnings.

Early Life

Born in April 1961, Isiah Lord Thomas III aka Isiah Thomas, is a Chicago native. He was the youngest of twelve siblings, growing up on the West Side of the city. Isiah’s love for basketball started early – at just three years old.

Isiah’s dad, Isiah Thomas II, had been in the army and got hurt during a battle called the Battle of Saipan. When Isiah was little, his dad left the family.

Isiah Thomas Net Worth

Isiah went to two schools: Our Lady of Sorrows School and St. Joseph High School in Westchester. He used to play basketball under Coach Gene Pingatore. He did amazing things on the court – in his junior year, he led his team to the state finals.

Sources Behind Isiah Thomas Net Worth

Basketball Career

Thomas’s basketball career has been one of the major sources behind his fortune. From his salary alone he has made millions.

Once Isiah finished high school, he went to college at Indiana University. He helped his college team win the national championship in 1981.

After college, Isiah’s dream of playing in the NBA came true. The Detroit Pistons chose him as the second pick in the 1981 NBA Draft. Isiah quickly became a star for the Pistons. He was known for his quick moves, smart passes, and scoring ability.

One of the most famous parts of Isiah’s career was when he led the Pistons to two NBA championships in a row in 1989 and 1990. These victories made Isiah and his team famous.

After his playing career, Isiah Thomas didn’t leave basketball behind. He became a coach and even a team executive.

Career Earnings

During his illustrious career, Isiah Thomas made significant earnings, mainly during his time with the Detroit Pistons. In total, he has earned

  • 1990/91 Season: Isiah earned an impressive salary of $2.7 million. This was indeed a substantial amount comparing that time.
  • 1991/92 Season: Isiah’s earnings continued to rise, reaching $2.96 million during this season.
  • 1992/93 Season: He earned $2.27 million during this season.
  • 1993/94 Season: In his final season with the Detroit Pistons, Isiah made $2.5 million.

Business Success

Isiah Thomas, the basketball superstar, is also a clever businessperson who knows how to make money grow.

One of his early ventures was with “American Speedy Printing Centers Inc”. He invested in this company and worked hard to help it succeed. With his efforts, the company became one of the biggest printing franchises globally.

Isiah Thomas Net Worth

But that’s not all – Isiah did more. He began his own investment company named Isiah Investments, LLC.

He even entered the online business world and started his website named Another thing he did was to team up with the NBA store for a while!

His business journey didn’t just stay in just in the States. Isiah also became part of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Later, Isiah also got into real estate. He began a company called Isiah Real Estate. Recently, he joined a company named One World Products as the CEO and Executive Chairman.


Why did Isiah Thomas retire?

Thomas retired from basketball because his body was feeling tired after many years of playing. He wanted to take care of himself and spend time on other things.

What year did Isiah Thomas retire from the Pistons?

Isiah Thomas retired from the Pistons in the year 1994.

Does Isiah Thomas have a son?

Yes, the former NBL player, Thomas has two sons, Marc E.T. Thomas and Zeke Thomas.

Final Thoughts

From basketball to business, Thomas had success in both. While his basketball career brought him millions, his business earned him even more. And Isiah Thomas net worth just reflects that. His highly successful businesses are the reason why Thomas owns hundreds of millions just in net worth.

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