Fun crafts to do when your bored

The best time of the year is approaching speedily; summers: and summer vacation are here! Now you all what you want, in a long holiday go for a trip or invite your cousins over for a night stay. Wait! But what’s next? Do you have any other things that can cover your summer vacation? We will help you with unique ideas for fun crafts to do when your bored through this blog, so stay tuned!

Make something when bored

Having fun in the pool, watching your favorite web series, and playing the same UNO multiple times will make you bored. Summer holiday is long, and you will need to do something more exciting and creative; that’s why to think about making something fun from scratch. This is what we call craft.

While crafting, we use our skills and raw materials to make something unique. Further, we can use this craft as a gift, showpiece, momentum, or edible for the whole family. More or less, it is a thing you will not feel bored with and will enjoy every second of the process.

Fun crafts to do when your bored

There are tons of things that you can make with simple raw materials present at home and with no experience. All these crafting ideas are suitable for all age people from small kids to adults, which makes them even more exciting. If you have kids, you can do some things together and enjoy your time. Fun crafts to do when your bored are:

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Fridge Magnet

You must have a favorite cartoon, animal, or dish, right? Why not turn your favorite things into a magnet and attach them to your most visited summer place, your kitchen? You can make a fridge magnet and stick it on your refrigerator to give it a unique look. You can make a fridge magnet from literally anything.

You can use a cardboard cut-out, stones, or molding clay; shape it in whatever you like. Color it or fill glitter and attach it with a magnet; voila, your personalized fridge magnet is ready. You can even start your small fridge magnets business with your talent for crafts in your free time, and who knows where your talent will take you.

Dream Catcher

Making dream catchers are not just a fun crafts to do when your bored; it is something significant, and if you make it yourself and gift it to your loved ones, you will enhance the significance of it. You can use colored tassels, synthetic features, and beautiful beads to make your wind chain.

To make a dream catcher, you need a hoop, or you can take a simple bangle, cover it with wool or fabric, and attach tassels or feathers to it while making a pattern in the center. You can show your creativity with wind chains and play with their sizes, colors, and materials.

Rock Painting

Rock painting is one of the most accessible and exciting crafts at home. All you need is some watercolors and rocks which can be painted. You can show your creativity and make your masterpieces at home; then, you can use them as a home decoration or page holder.

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People worldwide have been showing their creativity through painting on rocks and stones. Due to their uniqueness and minimalistic nature, such crafts go viral on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Rock painting is one of the best crafts you can do with your kids and enhance their creativity.

Plate Painting

Like rock painting, plate painting is also an easy and unique way to decorate plates and gift them to people or decorate them at home. All you need is a white plate of any size you want and some watercolors and other decorating materials. You can paint the container in a specific pattern or create a unique painting.

You can also use glitter and other decorating material to make the plates more unique and create your craft. It is safe and fun to do with kids and can enhance their creative thinking. You can use the finished plates as a wall hanging and decorate them to look aesthetic.

Tie & Dye T-shirts’

Creating Tie & Dye T-shirts is a fun crafts to do when your bored. Tie and dye t-shirts are not common clothing materials; they could be turned into a fashion statement through precision. There is no limit to the patterns you can create through this method and no resection to the color pattern you use. To make Tie and Dye t-shirt, all you need is a dye color or a combination of colors and a white t-shirt.

To make patterns, you can tie the shirt in a roll through a rubber band and dip it in color or add color, whichever you want, then dry the shirt. This way, you can make many other things like tablecloths, jackets, covers, etc.; it is fun to do with your family and friends and create a matching outfit.

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Fun food items to make

Now you know many fun crafts to do when your bored, but what if after doing so many fun crafts, you feel hungry and need some equally creative ideas to make your meals memorable as your craft? You can also be creative with your food and make lovely refreshments at home with your kids.

Food is a kind of craft that is beautiful and tasty. Some fantastic food crafting ideas are making different flavored ice creams at home. You can also make jelly or bake a cake with your kids and enjoy your fun time together while having something tasty and mouth-watering.


With all these fantastic ideas of fun crafts to do when your bored, you will not at all feel bored this summer and will create some great memories with your family and friends. Crafting something gives you the experience of building a reward from scratch; it not only helps your kids to learn what team spirit is and how to use creativity but also makes them future leaders and innovators with unique insights. Crafting must be given great significance because it teaches you enormous value in life.

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