Best 6 Cricket games to enjoy on PC

Cricket is an Asian delight, with the continent boasting some of the finest players the game has ever seen. From our very own Bangladeshi Mohammad Rafique to the likes of Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, Asia is a dominant cricket hub.

The love for cricket burns robustly in Asia, with millions of fans following the top cricket tournaments globally, as featured on top bookmaker apps like the BET365 APP.

More interestingly, the last decades have ushered in a significant rise in cricket gaming. Today, there are a ton of exciting cricket video games to play on PC.

We thoroughly searched the lot, and here are the six best cricket video games we found for PC gamers.

Cricket 22

The new Cricket 22 is one of the best games for your PC. Produced by Big Ant Studios, the game is an upgrade to the previous version, Cricket 19. The developers collected some of the issues you might encounter while playing the older version. However, you stand to enjoy a premium gaming experience. 

Meanwhile, you can build a player for career mode with better customizing features. You’re allowed to alter your career player abilities, such as strength level, style of play, name, and how your career player’s appearance. 

Further, you can enjoy better game modes, a better commentary team, and excellent control of your bowling and fielding. You may play the game alone on your Xbox Series or PS5 or enjoy it with your friends through the single or multiplayer modes. 

Cricket Captain 2021

Cricket Captain 2021 is another great game you can enjoy on your computer. Childish Things has been improving its Cricket Captain game over time, and it published this new version on 13 December 2021. The game also features some impressive improvements. 

Meanwhile, you’re allowed to play as a team or Solo player with advanced management strategies which help you defeat your opponents. 100-ball cricket is also allowed on this new version, and you can easily switch to play mode to skip sideline strategy talks. 

Further, the game producer also improved the graphics, and you have a massive database for the players. You can also enjoy suiting commentary from the famous Jonathan Agnew. This is a cricket game you should add to your PC game collection. 

Cricket 19

Cricket 19 is another exciting PC game for Cricket lovers, produced by the Big Ant Studios and released in July 2019. The producer partnered with the ECB to deliver a better and more realistic cricket gaming experience. 

The game graphics, gameplay, and effects feel real while you enjoy your preferred tournament, like T20, ODI, and Test Match. 

Meanwhile, you can build your cricket club from scratch, starting with players with average skills. Notably, the players get better as you win and complete tasks. 

Specifically, you can choose your logo, design your uniform and choose the players you want. Sounds interesting? There is even more!

The game also features a thrilling Scenario Mode, which allows you to relive a past real cricket match and allows your playing skills to determine the result. 

Moving on, you can create a new scenario that you like, leading your team to victory. You can play on your PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Windows. 

Ashes Cricket 2017

The Ashes Cricket game is another exciting PC game produced by Big Ant Studios. Of course, we couldn’t resist including it.

The game is themed after the famous Australia Ashes series and was published in 2017. The game allows you to join England or Australia and relive the old thrilling Test match experience between the two nations. 

Meanwhile, the game features quality graphics with excellent player likeness and realness. The controls are also great. 

You can influence the bowling and shots with your cricket gaming skills. This game allows you to customize and add a new player with your preferred feature. 

Also, you can enjoy Ashes Cricket on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Furthermore, it allows you to switch between multiplayer and single-player modes.

Don Bradman Cricket 17

Here goes another banger from The Big Ant Studios. The eminent game creator produced a 2017 series themed after the legendary cricket player, Don Bradman. 

Despite the game being released in 2016, it is still relevant in 2023. This online cricket game enables you to customize your play and even offers replicas of real stadiums with great graphics. 

Further, the career mode is realistic, allowing you to develop your player. It also shows your player’s skill levels, injuries, retirement, etc. You can also control your character to bowl or take shots using known types like defensive shots, helicopter shots, etc. 

The game supports PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows with incredible sound and special effects. 

Cricket Revolution

Mindstorm Studios published Cricket Revolution in 2009, one of the best cricket games ever created. You can switch between Single, multiplayer cooperative modes. 

Indeed, you can enjoy the game online or offline with single and multiplayer modes.

Meanwhile, the game is player friendly, with easy score tracking and great control features while you bowl or take a shot. You can also select your favorite balls. 

Want something more?

This game offers you an exhibition match, knockout, or league, switching between your preferred difficulty levels. 

To wrap things up, cricket is an exciting and popular team game. Playing cricket games on your PC is as exciting as watching your favorite cricketers batting and bowling. 

Our list of cricket games has made choosing the best game for your PC easy. Also, most of these games always work on consoles. 

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