8 Telegram Alternatives to Chat in 2022

Telegram has seen massive growth in recent years, however this comes at a cost. The features that 500 million users enjoy such as sending and receiving messages, adding stickers, building bots and creating groups also opens the floodgates to spam bots, phishing scams, malware and cyber criminality. Telegram has been plagued with security and privacy issues because of this – so be aware of the risks that come with using the app before downloading it!

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 8 Telegram alternatives that each offer something different. If you’re looking for more support in building your online community, come join OUR Mighty טלגראס באר שבע Community for free! You’ll be able to meet other new and established community owners, and we’d love to meet you too. Joining is free, so don’t hesitate!

1. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a community chat app with powerful forum and messaging features. You can easily build and customize your community, invite people, or even sell memberships.

Mighty Networks has a secure chat function that allows you to message members one-on-one or in a group setting. Unlike Telegram, Mighty Networks is both secure and safe. You have the ability to screen טלגראס באר שבע members before they join your community by adding a membership questionnaire. Additionally, there are lots of community moderation and reporting tools available that make spam and phishing essentially non-issues.

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a fantastic Telegram alternative for those who are looking for a chat app that offers more than just messaging. With WhatsApp, you can message 1:1, create group chats, and have video & voice calls – all of which use wifi or data instead of relying on calling minutes. This is perfect for those who need to call internationally on a regular basis.

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WhatsApp’s messaging function is powerful and allows users to send different types of messages like audio, images, documents, or videos.

WhatsApp is known for its security features, which include end-to-end encryption. Although these features are not perfect, they are still considered much better than Telegram’s. WhatsApp does a good job of replicating Telegram’s chat features, but it is not the best replacement for building groups of people who don’t know each other or for live streaming.

3. Discord

Discord is a popular online forum builder that has a mix of live streaming tools built in. It was created for gamers to share their love for games, show off their skills, and grow a community.

In terms of its online forum features, you can customize member roles and members can have back and forth chats. There are some monetization features with Discord, but you need to apply and be accepted in order to sell plans.

4. Viber

Viber is a community chat option that is an excellent alternative to Telegram. It offers a space to bring members together, organize conversations, and appoint admin. It also has amazing security and privacy features, like user verification options, end-to-end encryption, and the ability to set messages to disappear after a certain time. Viber also has a phone connection so you can call landlines and mobile numbers around the world.

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